November 2008

Newhouse III, the Latest Addition to the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, is Completed by Poulin + Morris

Poulin + Morris celebrates "the medium is the message" at Newhouse III, where they infused the new building with diverse media converging into the digital world of public communications. The visual solutions implemented rely upon the use of visual metaphor and technology to communicate the foundation and future mission of this premiere school of journalism.

A unique donor recognition wall acknowledges the digital evolution of public communications by using a kinetic medium to communicate donors names and personal messages to passers-by. Over 100 staggered, horizontal LED digital panels display this information in a fluid, synchronized pace simulating multiple news zippers communicating simultaneously as if "real time" information were being displayed. Poulin + Morris' inspiration was to use LED technology in a non-conventional setting to symbolize the tenet "the medium is the message."

A typographic wall mural located in the "heart" or atrium of the new building spans 3 stories identifying "NEWHOUSE" and its programs such as media studies, journalism, and graphic design. By using CMYK-colored halftone dots, the designers created a visual metaphor celebrating "NEWHOUSE" and its pursuits of traditional and non-traditional forms of public communications in the new digital era.