October 2009

Richard Poulin Profiled in Steve Heller's New Book Design School Confidential

Representing the teacher's perspective for the "Anatomy of a Successful Project" section of the book, Design School Confidential, Richard Poulin is among the 3 teachers profiling their class projects and includes a Q&A on their insights, inspirations, objectives, and expectations for the assignments. As an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts since 1992, Richard teaches visual communications, typography, and senior thesis portfolio. In the book, Richard discusses 2 projects, entitled "Visual Storytelling and Narrative Form," which he assigns for his junior level design studio class. Both projects challenge his students to develop a deeper appreciation for the written word.

Published this year, Design School Confidential, is a compendium of various class projects from design schools around the world. The book features 50 class assignments from top design programs and examines the resulting student projects. From undergraduate to graduate work, students delivered a wide variety of graphic and multimedia design projects from print to motion to exhibition. The book exhibits a wide range of design problems and successful solutions, while providing practical models to be inspired by and learn from. It also examines how sophisticated design school projects are and what value they have in relation to real-world practice.