January 2010

Rockport Publishers Invites Richard Poulin to Author a New Design Reference Book Scheduled for Release in Spring 2011

Richard Poulin is currently working on authoring his first book, The Language of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook for Understanding Basic Design Principles, scheduled for release in Spring 2011. This book will provide graphic design students and design practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the basic principles of graphic design; what they are, why they are important, and how to use them effectively. It also explores how these basic elements and principles are taught in design schools worldwide and used in professional practice by some of the most successful and renowned graphic designers working today. “My goal is to provide design students and design professionals with a comprehensive reference book that enhances their visual literacy, inspires them with dynamic and memorable visual references, and reinforces their sense of ‘seeing,’” says Richard. Poulin + Morris will also be responsible for the design of the publication.

Rockport Publishers is a publisher of illustrated source books for professional designers and artists. Their books present the best design work from around the world and bring the reader inside the world’s most talented design studios to see how the work gets done and the inspiration that lies behind each finished piece. Rockport’s editors are constantly looking for the newest and most noteworthy trends in the design profession as well as keeping abreast of the best work being done in the areas of commercial design and art. Their editorial vision in combination with outstanding design and production standards make Rockport’s books not only objects to admire, but also essential tools for the working designer and artist.