March 2012

Richard Poulin Profiles Sixty-Eight Type Designers for Typography Referenced

Typography Referenced: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to the Language, History, and Practice of Typography is an authoritative resource of typographic information for designers of all levels. Covering the basic foundations and core concepts of what constitutes typography and typographic design, Typography Referenced defines type-specific terms, language, classifications, principles, and processes. The book covers the essentials of the rich and complex art of typography, offering all the vital information a “typographically educated” person should know.

Serving as an extensive source of information as well as inspiration, Typography Referenced documents essential typographic information from the beginnings of moveable type through to the digital age. With thousands of illustrated examples, Typography Referenced chronicles all aspects of typography-from ancient Greek lapidary letters from the 5th century BCE up to the prolific 19th and 20th centuries, and on to the future of type, discussing how the web and technology will impact the future of typography. The book also provides an extensive list of typographic resources including type foundaries throughout the world, type-specific publications, online resources, educational institutions, and archival organizations.

Richard Poulin, a co-author of this volume, contributed an extensive chapter of insightful biographies on 68 influential type designers throughout typographic history. Divided into 3 periods: pre-20th century; 20th century to the present; and the 21st century with its “new breed” of type designers, Poulin concisely details each typographers’ background and accomplishments in the world of type.

Today, computers, software, and the internet, make typography more accessible than ever. Hundreds of thousands of typefaces prove that typography is an essential design element that continues to thrive and become part of mainstream consciousness, making Typography Referenced a must-read for students, professionals, and fans of graphic design.

Typography Referenced

Richard Poulin (coauthor)

Released: February 2012

$50.00 US, hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-1-59253-702-0

400 pages