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The Perfect Blend is a well-known destination to the knitters and crocheters of New York’s Hudson Valley region. The owner’s aim was to utilize the store’s reputation to build an online e-commerce business and launch an exclusive line of high quality yarns, that together would result in an increased presence and customer base across a much larger area of the northeastern United States. Poulin + Morris was engaged to provide a comprehensive branding identity and e-commerce program for the online extension of the business.

The designers at Poulin + Morris began with a new logotype and color palette to distinguish this new phase in
The Perfect Blend’s history. A complete program of labeling and packaging was created for the new yarn collection that establishes it as a modern product while acknowledging the traditions long associated with needlework. The new brand identity continues in standard formats for knitting patterns that also serve as marketing materials for the yarns.

The Perfect Blend Online’s branding features prominently on the new website. Poulin + Morris was responsible
for everything from art direction of the extensive product photography and packaging to wireframing and design of the site itself. For example, the home page offers a choice between inspiration and shopping. The former takes you to information on the bricks and mortar store as well as galleries of potential knitting projects to entice the viewer. The other option brings you to the new e-commerce store, offering a curated collection of yarns, patterns, and a subscription-based monthly yarn club. All through the site is large-scale photography showcasing the tactile nature of modern needlework as well as quotes from well-known knitwear designers.

The site uses Squarespace’s platform as a base but was extensively adapted and developed to create a clear aggregate of information that is responsive in nature to work across all platforms, making information easily accessible to visitors via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The e-commerce function connects to the physical store’s inventory, ensuring that stock is completely up to date at all times.

The Perfect Blend Online captures the warmth and camaraderie that characterizes a neighborhood shop and delivers an online experience to knitters through their devices anywhere they may be.

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