CommuniCard 1 and 2, developed in cooperation with the Patient Representative Department of Mount Sinai Medical Center, are visual communication tools which facilitate communication between speech-impaired patients, their family members, and hospital staff.

Colorful, easy-to-understand pictograms located on the front of each card illustrate symptoms, medical, physical, and emotional needs, as well as indicate specific health care professionals with whom the patient may wish to speak. An alphabet is provided on the back of the card for the patient, caregiver, or family member to use in spelling out simple words or messages and a simplified human figure is used to indicate locations of a physical problem. The card also contains simple, one-word questions in English and a second language, such as Spanish, Russian, or Japanese.

CommuniCard is presently being used in over 150 hospitals and health-care facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

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CommuniCard 1 and 2

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