The School of Visual Arts (SVA) is widely recognized as one of the finest art schools in the United States for its innovative and experimental programs, its participation in the cultural life of New York City, and the accessibility it offers to its unparalleled faculty of professional artists and designers. Its Senior Library, now in its sixth year, showcases the best work from graduating students.

Exposed 2008 School of Visual Arts Senior Library, a 440-page, full-color, hardbound volume, contains over 100 selections encompassing a wide range of categories–advertising campaigns, book jackets, editorial, graphic identity and branding programs, packaging, posters, publications, three-dimensional design, and typography. Exposed also presents the traditional and non-traditional processes and materials used in book arts. For example, the book jacket features the title die-cut from a fluorescent green cover stock exposing the book’s smythe-sewn binding and the slipcase is wrapped in make-ready sheets from the book’s printing run. The Library also includes a separate folder containing a DVD of SVA Motion Graphics projects.

Exposed 2008 School of Visual Arts Senior Library was recognized by Applied Arts, Communication Arts, Creative Quarterly, HOW, International Davey Awards, Print Creativity + Commerce, and Spark Design and Architecture Awards for Design Excellence in Publication Design.

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Exposed: 2008 School of Visual Arts Senior Library

Publication Design


School of Visual Arts


Richard Poulin

Publications and Recognitions

Applied Arts
Communication Arts
Creative Quarterly
International Davey Awards
Print Creativity + Commerce
Spark Design and Architecture Awards