UK HealthCare Annual Report
UK HealthCare Annual Report
UK HealthCare Annual Report
The 2011 UK HealthCare Annual Report documents UK HealthCare’s growth and development throughout 2011. The opening of the new patient care facility at the UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital duly notes that this is the first step in the institution’s ambitious, 4-year, strategic plan to establish UK HealthCare as one of the top academic medical centers in the country. This 42-page, full-color, softbound publication summarizes the additional funding the University received through generous grants and donations, as well as information on recent clinical and research partnerships that help expand UK HealthCare’s reach within and beyond the Commonwealth.

Dynamic, engaging page layouts filled with four-color photography showcase the new patient care facility and members of the UK HealthCare community, and a series of clear and informative graphs, tables, and charts communicate UK HealthCare’s accomplishments in 2011 and its goals for the coming years.

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UK HealthCare Annual Report

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