September 2010

This Way Please: Environmental Graphic Design Worldwide Showcases Poulin + Morris

Published by Sandu Cultural Media, This Way Please: Environmental Graphic Design Worldwide features environmental graphics and wayfinding systems from a select international group of influential environmental graphic designers throughout the world. Interpreting wayfinding systems as the communication media between man and the built environment, this publication showcases effective case studies that possess both functional qualities, as well as aesthetics, to extend and reinforce the brand experience.

Four case studies of Poulin + Morris’ projects—S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Newseum and Freedom Forum World Headquarters, New York Hall of Science, and Sarah Lawrence College are recognized among the selected participants.

Also in this publication, Richard Poulin pens “Branding and Wayfinding: A New Equation?” that prefaces the “Commercial Branding” section of the book. Richard explores the transition of visual communication from as early as the beginning of mankind to the introduction of technology into the modern day environment. He also discusses the foundations that form an effective branding and wayfinding program.