May 2011

Rockport Publishers Releases Richard Poulin's Highly Acclaimed First Book, The Language of Graphic Design

New York, NY, May 2011: Poulin + Morris is pleased to announce the release of Richard Poulin's first book, The Language of Graphic Design, published by Rockport Publishers. A comprehensive guide to the fundamental elements and principles of graphic design, the book showcases work by some of the profession's most renowned practitioners as well as students, providing essential information, inspiration, and guidance for readers of all experience levels.

Poulin equates developing a visual sense to learning a new language–each discipline possesses a unique alphabet, lexicon (vocabulary), and syntax (sentence structure). Each of the book's 26 chapters (a reference to the English alphabet–the building blocks for Western language) is devoted to defining a fundamental element of a graphic designer's vocabulary, detailing what each is, why it is important, and how to use it effectively. Each chapter dissects the principles of graphic design and includes a narrative and visual sidebar referencing a historical graphic design benchmark, giving voice and meaning to the art of visual communication.

A straightforward reference for core design curriculum, The Language of Graphic Design offers clear and concise information to enhance a reader's visual literacy and provides dynamic, indelible, visual references to inform, inspire, and reinforce a sense of “seeing.” With The Language of Graphic Design, Poulin's goal is to provide essential information and influential resources on the basic tenets of visual communications and graphic design fundamentals. Easily accessible and always informative, The Language of Graphic Design is a meaningful, memorable, and inspiring design reference tool. Available now!

“The definitive book for guidance and inspiration and one that I will insist be required reading for all my students.”–Richard Wilde, Chairperson, Advertising and Graphic Design, School of Visual Arts

“100 years of visual communication on a silver platter.”–Maria Popova,

“There are a number of books that tout design as language, Richard Poulin's The Language of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook for Understanding Design Principles lives up to its subtitle . . . As a sophisticated primer of this expanding language, Poulin's book will both elucidate and excite.” –Steven Heller, Print Magazine

The Language of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook for Understanding Design Principles

By Richard Poulin

Released: April 2011

$45.00 US, hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-1-59253-676-4

288 pages, 400 photos