Communi-Card AIGA 100 Years of Design
Communi-Card 2 AIGA 100 Years of Design

January 2014

Poulin + Morris’ Communi-Card Honored as Part of AIGA’s “100 Years of Design”

In celebration of its centennial, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) selected from its extensive design archives an array of work to honor in the organization’s “100 Years of Design” project. Poulin + Morris is happy to announce that Communi-Card is among the featured projects.

Created in 1995 for Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Patient Representative Department, Communi-Card consists of colorful, easy-to-understand, multi-lingual, pictograms that aid in communication for speech-impaired patients. Each card features a series of illustrations depicting symptoms; health care professionals; and medical, physical, emotional concerns that patients can point to indicating what they need. The alphabet is provided on the back of the cards so that questions or requests may also be spelled out. Communi-Card is currently being used in over 150 hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout North America.

Communi-Card, and the other projects selected for “100 Years of Design,” can be viewed at AIGA's specially created website,, an interactive exploration of American graphic design.

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