BPI Stationery
In 1989, Poulin + Morris designed a comprehensive branding and graphic identity program for H. M. Brandston & Partners, a lighting design consultancy. Sixteen years later, H. M. Brandston & Partners commissioned the firm to assist them with their name change and the rebranding of their lighting design consultancy to Brandston Partnership Inc. (BPI).

To signify this change, a new color palette and logotype was developed. A vibrant yellow, paired with a dark green from the firm’s previous graphic identity, is used to illustrate the history of the firm and it’s continuing relevance as a contemporary and evolving organization. Another crucial step was the decision to use the firm’s acronym, “BPI” in all lower case letters to reflect the youthful team approach of the organization and to highlight the importance of individual contributions within the firm. Other elements developed for the program include stationery, administrative forms, announcements, electronic templates, a promotional brochure, website, as well as design standards for the preparation of qualifications, proposals, and project-related documents.

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