Design Communications Ltd. (DCL) is an industry leading supplier of custom fabricated environmental graphics, wayfinding sign programs, and architectural specialty elements. Founded in 1984, their 25-year history highlights an ability to bring intelligent solutions to the most challenging projects that vary in nature, size, and scope.

DCL asked Poulin + Morris to build upon the comprehensive branding and graphic identity program they recently created for them, by designing a new website to translate the firm’s visual identity into a user experience highlighting their expertise and workmanship. The site immediately engages the user by presenting two viewing platform options. The recommended full screen version immerses the user into a visual metaphor for the built environment, where a three-dimensional cube swivels to reveal featured projects from the firm’s portfolio.

A refined, contemporary aesthetic which utilizes a distinctive color palette is reflective of the firm’s sought-after reputation and timeless work. Clean, sophisticated navigation allows the user to browse through projects and services while also providing the essential information such as contact and client sign-in. The linchpin of the firm’s site is their project portfolio, where craftsmanship, expertise, technique, and diversity are showcased through an intuitive, interactive display.

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Design Communications Ltd.


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