three-dimensional exhibition panels
three-dimensional exhibition panels
Selected from the extensive collection of the United States Postal Service, the original works in this 4,000-square-foot exhibition span 40 years of illustration and honor the contributions of 70 stamp artists and designers. From clipper ships to colossal dinosaurs, postage stamps celebrate the people, places, events, and memorable firsts that shape our national identity. Stamps are our most accessible art form and still offer striking insights into America's history.

The exhibition is organized within 4 gallery spaces with special sections highlighting Norman Rockwell's original art for 2 United States postage stamps and the making of a stamp from public request to published sheet. Wall surfaces are painted a consistent monochromatic color and original art is framed with white mattes; frame moldings are painted the same color as the wall to offset the art itself. Large-scale quotes from the represented artists run throughout the galleries as a continuous typographic voice. Each stamp and the story of its creation are housed in a clear acrylic panel and placed beneath the original work. For closer scrutiny, magnifying glasses are provided.

A coordinated series of promotional print materials, including a family education guide, invitations, poster, and promotional brochure were also developed, establishing a strong visual brand identity for the exhibition as a whole.

This project was recognized by Communication Arts, Graphis, and the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) for Design Excellence in Exhibition Design.

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Pushing the Envelope: The Art of the Postage Stamp

Exhibition Design
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Stockbridge, Massachusetts


The Norman Rockwell Museum
at Stockbridge


Richard Poulin

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Communication Arts
Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD)