In 2004, 12 alumni of “The Seven Sisters”–distinguished women’s schools Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Radcliffe College, Smith College, Vassar College, and Wellesley College, began singing together as the Metropolitones. This diverse group of women performs an eclectic collection of old and new songs for private parties and public events. Their first CD entitled “Mouthing Off” was released in Spring 2006.

This comprehensive branding program includes CD packaging and related print media celebrating the collaborative nature of this a capella group. The end result reflects the diversity of the group and their shared love of music and a capella through the use of color, pattern, and photography. A bright magenta background, as well as a distinctive, lace-like typographic pattern created from interlocking M’s, is provocative, feminine, and non-traditional. Composition and cropping of group portraits photographed by the designers reinforces the essence of the Metropolitones; blurred and overlapping images evoke unity, energy, and connection between the singers.

The project was recognized by Graphis and Novum World of Graphic Design (Germany) for Design Excellence in Graphic Design.

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Richard Poulin

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Novum World of Graphic Design (Germany)