Arts in HealthCare, a unique initiative of UK HealthCare, the umbrella organization for the growing and vibrant academic medical center at the University of Kentucky, enhances the healing environment through art. An increasing body of research indicates that arts in healthcare settings can improve the quality of patient care, increase staff satisfaction and retention, and complement the patient recovery process. UK HealthCare built upon these findings and other successful art programs across the country to create an arts program at the forefront of this movement.

A comprehensive branding and graphic identity program was designed for this new initiative that includes a logotype, symbol, promotional brochure, press folder, and stationery. The logotype, set within a square, symbolizes the institutional body while conveying organization and tradition. Concentric circles of imperfect dots symbolize an expression of human connection, warmth, and approachability creating a visual metaphor between the individual and art. The promotional brochure focuses on announcing the program and provides an overview to a broad audience such as internal staff, prospective funders, artists, and the general public.

The overall end result is a spirited, friendly, and inviting branding and graphic identity program, complementing the essence and spirit of the Arts in HealthCare program.

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