Richard Poulin’s first book, The Language of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook for Understanding Fundamental Design Principles, is a comprehensive guide to the fundamental elements and principles of graphic design. This 288-page, full-color, hardbound book showcases work by some of the profession’s most renowned practitioners as well as students, providing essential information, inspiration, and guidance for readers of all experience levels.

Each of the book’s 26 chapters (a reference to the English alphabet–the building blocks for Western language) define a fundamental element of a graphic designer’s vocabulary (i. e. point, line, shape, form, light, color) detailing what each is, why it is important, and how to use it effectively. A straightforward reference for core design curriculum, The Language of Graphic Design offers clear and concise information to enhance a reader’s visual literacy and provides dynamic, indelible, visual references to inform, inspire, and reinforce a sense of “seeing.” With The Language of Graphic Design, Richard’s goal is to provide essential information and influential resources on the basic tenets of visual communications and graphic design fundamentals. Easily accessible and always informative, The Language of Graphic Design is a meaningful, memorable, and inspiring design tool that readers will refer to time and time again.

The book is currently in its second printing and is also available in French, Chinese, Spanish, Czech, and Polish editions.

The book was recognized by Graphis and SEGDesign for Design Excellence in Publication Design.

The Language of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook for Understanding Design Principles
By Richard Poulin
Released: April 2011
$45.00 US, hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-59253-676-4
288 pages, 400 photos

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The Language of Graphic Design

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